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Hyperbolic Helicoid & Child (or Translation No. 01 [Pt. 2])


February ‎6, ‎2022


37.0 x 60.0 cm (14.6" x 23.6")


Work is available for purchase on this website in the Gallery.

By taking a Hyperbolic Helicoid and putting it through a Mobius Transformation, we can arrive at a beautiful form that seems to curtsy with grace. A careful arraying of this form can then lead to an incredible structure that is not only sinuous and mesmerizing but is also a testament to the intimate relationship that mathematics has with architecture. However, in a world consumed by ego, money, and fear, it is unlikely that this structure would ever leave it's surreal canvas. Yet, a dismal situation is not fate! Childlike wonder and hope may yet liberate our architectural creation.

This is the second work in a two-part series: Hyperbolic Helicoid and Child.

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