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Sonata No. 02 - Op. 2021

Unveil Date

April 6, 2022

Initial Exhibition

Joint Mathematics Meeting 2022 (Online Due to COVID-19 Pandemic)


Work is available for purchase on this website in the Gallery.


32.0 x 61.0 cm (12.6" x 24.0")


Wayne and Lianne Cocks

Adapting the 2D Toothpick Sequence (Applegate, Pol, and Sloane, 2010) to 3D can cause a wonderful latticework to unfold. If we add a 3D Hilbert Curve to this lattice, we arrive at a beautiful piece of geometry that is easily transformed into an architectural framework akin to a 3D Maze. We can then take this “maze” and put it through a Mobius Transformation, arriving at a new “maze”; one that defies our experience of physical reality (if there is such a thing). While fascinating and beautiful in its own right, it is not the end story of our composition! Adding an anthropomorphic element to the work gives our whole creation/transformation process a sense of life and vitality, something that can be lacking in mathematical art.

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