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White On White, On White (or Translation No. 02)

Unveil Date

July 27, 2023

Current Artwork Location

Private collection of a client in Ontario, Canada.


46.25 x 75.0 cm (18.2" x 29.5")

Initial Exhibition

2023 International Bridges Art Exhibition, hosted in Halifax, Canada.

In 1918, Kazimir Malevich painted the renowned "White on White". For Malevich, this minimalistic geometry not only democratized the enjoyment of art but also provided a means for spiritual transcendence. "White On White, On White" on the other hand, attempts to perpetuate Malevich’s aspirations, while simultaneously suggesting that geometry and form need not be simplified for spiritual upliftment. Pure mathematical forms, no matter how complicated, can be enjoyed by all and induce spiritual transcendence. The depicted forms are intimately connected; they are the Riemann Sphere and a Hyperbolic Helicoid that has been put through a Mobius Transformation.

The work is intended to be viewed in three separate, but equal, stages. The first stage is an isolated viewing of the work. Examination of form, substance, and merit is highly encouraged. The second stage is to be viewed in conjunction with Malevich's "White On White" in real time. Using your phone, pull up the canonical painting on the internet and directly compare it to the displayed "White On White, On White". The third and final stage is once again, an isolated viewing of the work. With intense scrutiny, one can now ask: has the painting changed between viewings? Above all, through this process note the feelings that are bestowed upon you at each stage.

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