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Adapting the 2D Toothpick Sequence to 3D can cause a wonderful latticework to unfold. If we add a 3D Hilbert Curve to this lattice, we arrive at a beautiful piece of geometry that is easily transformed into an architectural framework akin to a 3D Maze. We can then take this “maze” and put it through a Mobius Transformation, arriving at a new “maze”; one that defies our experience of physical reality (if there is such a thing). While fascinating and beautiful in its own right, it is not the end story of our composition! Adding an anthropomorphic element to the work gives our whole creation/transformation process a sense of life and vitality, something that can be lacking in mathematical art.


The work was featured at the 2022 Joint Mathematics Meeting Art Exhibition (the largest mathematical gathering in the world).


Dimensions: 32.0 x 61.0 cm (12.6" x  24")

Medium: Print on Canvas 


The work is signed and sealed by the artist on the back. A letter of authenticity and affidavit will accompany the piece stating that this is the only copy of the work ever constructed.

Sonata No. 02 - Op. 2021

  • The price listed is in USD.

  • The highest quality of packaging will ensure the fidelity and protection of the work. Shipping is free within the USA or an additional $25 upon checkout for International. Upon purchase of the work, the artist will be in contact with client within two business days to confirm details. Tracking will be given to the client as soon as the work is on route. 

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