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By taking a Hyperbolic Helicoid and putting it through a Mobius Transformation, we can arrive at a beautiful form that seems to curtsy with grace. A careful arraying of this form can then lead to an incredible structure that is not only sinuous and mesmerizing but is also a testament to the intimate relationship that mathematics has with architecture. However, in a world consumed by ego, money, and fear, it is unlikely that this structure would ever leave its surreal canvas. Yet, a dismal situation is not fate! Childlike wonder and hope may yet liberate our architectural creation.


This is the second work in a two-part series: Hyperbolic Helicoid and Child. The first work in the series is now on tour in Finland with 'Experience Workshop Global STEAM Network'.


Dimensions: 37.0 x 60.0 cm (14.6" x 23.6")

Medium: Print on Canvas 


The work is signed and sealed by the artist on the back. A letter of authenticity and affidavit will accompany the piece stating that this is the only copy of the work ever constructed.

Hyperbolic Helicoid & Child (or Translation No. 01 [Pt. 2])

  • The highest quality of packaging will ensure the fidelity and protection of the work. Shipping is free within the USA or an additional $25 upon checkout for International. Upon purchase of the work, the artist will be in contact with client within two business days to confirm details. Tracking will be given to the client as soon as the work is on route. 

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